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During October St Nick’s and St Paul’s are focusing on prayer with a week of prayer from 18th to 25th. ...


Autumn Programme

Main themes coming up: In September, 'Jesus at Work: Then and Now'. In October, 'Praying as Jesus Prayed'. In November, 'God is Good - Genesis 1-11'. In December, 'God comes to us' with many Christmas services for schools and the community.

Join us for Sunday Services

We’re delighted that you are with us or are thinking of coming along. We hope we’ll have your company for many years but some find it helpful to journey with us only for a while, as part of a wider exploration. We’re glad to have you at St Nick’s for as long as that turns out to be. Jesus was very clear that his invitation was for all and we aim to be as welcoming as he was. If you just want to come along and see what church at St Nick’s is like, that’s fantastic.

Each week there are helpers at the door who are glad to answer any questions. You can also talk to the minister on duty that day and, if you stay for a drink after the service, we hope you’ll find yourself quite readily included in conversation. Although there’s no need to do so, if you’d like us to know you’re paying St Nick’s a visit you can email the vicar at williambates@btconnect.com If you are having any difficulty in finding your footing or discovering what’s going on please contact anyone on the Who’s Who section of this website, perhaps especially our administrator, Yanyan Case. We’ll be very glad to hear from you.

You will find ‘Green Cards’ around the place headed ‘Welcome to St Nick’s’. Fill in one of these if you want us to add your details to our mailing list. Alternatively you can complete the on-line version below. If you do this we will not pass your details to any third party but we will store your name and contact details. The data is sent to our church administrator, Yanyan Case. Thanks, and welcome.

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The idea here is that you can open a discussion on any matter at all whether you’re interested in sharing a story, recommendations for a plumber, a lift to the bus station, a piece of local news, a question about St Nick’s, or views on some aspect of Christian faith. Let’s see what other local people come up with!

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